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3D Boat Design | Full Review

Reviewer: Francis Drake
Rating:3D Boat Design Review
Website Reviewed: 3D Boat Design.com
Product Reviewed: 3D Boat Design | CAD Ship Yacht and Boat Design Software

3D Boat Design

3D Boat Design

Recently I received 3D Boat Design and trialed it out. This was to ensure I got an complete review of what really is on offer, and I was pleasantly surprised…

After through testing I have no doubt that anyone who purchases 3D Boat Design will be more than happy with what they find inside.

It is utterly comprehensive and covers every aspect of boat building that I can think of (flat panels, drag resistance, import of offsets, it even has premade designs to get you started.).

In fact, when I logged in and downloaded the software in the members area quite frankly it contained what a lot of other boat design software companies sell as their full suite for a couple of hundred dollars.

The 3D Boat Design members area also has a comprehensive manual that was easy to follow and pointed out exactly how to get started. This is simple enough for beginners to understand, yet goes into enough detail for all those advanced designers. I also understand there is a step by step tutorial on the way which will add even further to the experience.

As I personally think 3DBoatDesign is a great piece of software, I have decided to promote it as an affiliate.

Ship Design Software

So why would you buy any othersoftware that is five times mroe when 3D Boat Design has EVERYTHING you need in one place?

Try out 3DBoatDesign, I already have, and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Click Here to Visit 3D Boat Design

Here’s a rundown:

  • You can create any type of floatable object (ie boats, yachts, ships and even toy models)
  • 3D Boat DesignYou can create almost any other 3D shape (ie cars, air planes….)
  • There are demo files inside the program to get you started
  • It is very easy to use & extremely flexible
  • Super low learning curve (Very easy to use)
  • Visually appealing, no complex menus
  • Enhanced hydrostatic calculations (More accurate)
  • Locking & Unlocking of control points
  • Add background images easily
  • Easy 3D scaling, moving, rotating
  • 3D Boat DesignEasily import a table of offsets
  • Advanced File import and export functions
  • Fairing Tools & Advanced Modeling options
  • More freedom in modeling knuckle lines
  • Surfaces can contain holes and gaps
  • Create complex shapes from just 1 surface
  • The possibility to insert just 1 single control point
  • Resistance / drag calculations including the Delft series resistance calculation and The KAPER resistance method.
  • Create flat panels / sheets
  • Export files to AutoCad
  • Ideal for any type of boat hull from luxury yachts to toy models
  • Multi PC License – This can be used on as many systems as you want.
  • 100% FREE updates.
  • Fantastic customer support

My advice is that if you truly want to get the boat design of your dreams underway, or even want to test out your most recent boat design idea, then this is the site that you should join.

Click Here to Visit 3D Boat Design Now