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Aluminum Boat Building – Now More Popular

Aluminum Boat Building

Aluminum Boat Building

Aluminium Boat Building is becoming more popular and for many is the ideal substance to design your dream boat. Aluminium has been the metal of choice for many military and civil aircraft so it was only a matter of time before it would be used in boats.

Aluminium is very light weight, very durable, easy to mould and the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust. Its remarkable ability to resist corrosion due to the phenomenon of passivation and the metal’s low density is also another huge factor why it is ideal for boat building.

As aluminium is a soft metal it is very easy to work with and the final application does not require you hours of hand sanding or priming and repainting that a wooden boat would. Fiberglass boats require a huge investment in moulds and if you are unlucky can give you fibre glass pox.

Aluminium alloys also have a very high strength-to-weight ratio so a finished boat may actually require less material to create. As with every other commodity, aluminium is subject to changes in the cost price. For example in 2008 the price of aluminium peaked at $1.45/lb in July but only five months later, in December, had dropped to $0.7/lb

With 45,000 psi to tear the aluminium, and 35,000 to deform it is cheaper than steel boats which will take you 60,000 and 45,000 consecutively. This price along with the yield strength makes for a good boat. Also, plasticity of aluminium is higher than that of steel and therefore more beneficial in aluminium boat building.

The basic benefits of aluminium boat building lies in the property of the metal itself. Aluminium is very resistive to corrosion and is very easily wield-able. The colour can also change from its normal low sheen to shiny if you want to.

Compared to metal is is far easier to cut than metal but there is a disadvantage in that it can corrode, electrolyse and pit up at certain instances. To prevent these from happening you will simply have to make sure that during the installation of any electrical work that you take extra care.

Also you must make sure that dissimilar metals are incorporated in the boat sensibly and in a manner that will prevent electrolysis.After this has been taken care of just attend to these details time and again and your boat will be safe.Thus aluminium boat building is highly beneficial, may it be in terms of cost effectiveness, durability and resale value.This is the reason aluminium is the metal that you should prefer while building a boat.

Finally you must remember that decent boat design software helps you to build the boat of your dreams.

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6 Part Mini Course

Boat Design 6 Part Mini Course

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